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Why Growfit
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
Hight Quality
We use fresh ingredients, so our customers stay happy.
Time saving
We help to save up to 8 hours per week of your cooking routine.
Individual Approach
If you have any allergies, you can mention it, so we are going to replace unwished ingredients.
Fit 1200 kcal menu
Wanted to lose a few kilos for summer? We would be happy to help you! Eat differentiated healthy meals. No need for buying groceries, cooking, or washing dishes. Save your time and eat healthy with Growfit!
Daily1500 kcal menu
Don't waste your time on the cooking routine! Eat healthy and save about 8 hours per week with Growfit.
Balanced 2000 kcal menu
Active lifestyle requires a lot of energy. Well-balanced meal plan will help you to be productive and do fitness.
Power 2500 kcal menu
Food is our essential source of energy. Growfit will help you to both be productive at work and be powerful at gym!
Vegetarian/Vega 1500 kcal menu
Follow vegetarian/vegan lifestyle has never been so easy. We counted all nutrients for you!
Keto 1500 kcal menu
Wanted to try low carbohydrates diet but it takes too much knowledge and affords? With Growfit you have a perfect chance to try it out without spending any time on it!