Growfit is looking for investors!✨
If you invest or want to start investing, Growfit can be a great option for you. Growfit has been in the Finnish market for only two years and has already achieved great results and became profitable.
Hi! We are Denys and Stas!
We are co-founders of Growfit! We both have International business and logistics degrees which we got in Metropolia. Denys is Ukrainian and Stas is Estonian. We have different backgrounds: Denys has entrepreneurship experience and Stas used to be a senior marketing officer for a Finnish startup. However, we both currently work full-time at Growfit and have great expectations about it.

We truly believe, that Growfit follows modern trends and has a great potential at both local and international markets. We would be happy to share financial reports if you are going to be interested in our company.

Why we need investments?
We started Growfit with our personal savings. We wanted to test the product and have clear understanding that the service is in demand and have potential. We can surely say that Growfit has a great future in Finland and abroad!

To be able to grow faster and develop our service - we are going to need external financing. We have great plans how to develop our service and we would be happy to share them with you if you are going to show the interest in investing at Growfit.

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